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  • Raymond-B
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  • Raymond-B

I. Model: Raymond-B

II. Size: 90x90x210cm



III. Basic Function:

      1.backrest 2.handle shower 3.top shower 4.foot massage 5.sharp massage 6.gimbal cam 7.radio 8.fan 

      9.top light 10.back light 11.free-handle telephone 12.commodity shelf 13.towel bar 14.lifter 15.handle 

      16.touch screen

IV. Optional Function:

      1.steam system: 3KW, CE certificates

      2.Thermostatic faucet: Stable water temperature   

      3.Feeding water hoses

V. Technical Sheet:

Hangzhou Tita Group Limited is the professional manufacturer and exporter of bathroom cabinet, shower room and bathtub in China.

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